I hope everyone had a truly blessed Beltaine.  I know mine was lovely – down in the Springs with wonderful friends. 

The lilacs have been blooming for the last three weeks and my irises are about to pop.  We’ve just set up another bed ready for planting; time to go back to the nursery!  The best thing about owing a house – other than the simple owning of a house – is the ability to landscape your own yard.  Every time I plant something, I feel closer to Mother Earth.    



Hearthstone meets the Friday before or the Friday of the Full Moon at the First Unitarian Church at 14th and Lafayette in Denver. The church doors open at 7, and we like to start at 7:30.  (We are NOT big proponents of Pagan Standard Time, but if there is weather related driving trouble or a problem on the freeway, we've been known to wait a bit longer.)  This month's ritual is FRIDAY, MAY 12, 2006.

Remember, please, that Hearthstone doesn’t expect everyone to enter in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust, as there are people you don't know there, but to enter with a willing heart and an open mind, and leave your differences at the door. 

Some traditions are more controversial than others, or may contain a component that disturbs someone attending an Open Full Moon.  It is one of the risks of exploring different traditions.  Should anyone be uncomfortable, unsettled, or upset about any ritual presented by Hearthstone, please contact Alia to discuss -- and hopefully resolve and heal -- the issue.


The ritual on Friday, May 12, will be presented by Coven of the Wicca.

On this night, show up in a way that feels most honest, for we'll reveal to ourselves a secret fear. By honestly naming a fear, we gain mastery over it, for it becomes a co-conspirator in our lives--teaching us to know the threshold of change.  We'll enlist the God[dess]'s power to transform these secret fears into our allies, as links to a supportive, caring group of people, our own community.  We will further redeem that fear when we choose to give it a useful job in our lives.  Soon, we may be shouting it out to the world at large from a firm foundation of empowered freedom, unified with our community.

About the Group:

Covenant of the Wicca celebrates an eclectic path, holding open and closed Circles, teaching the community and offering its services as leaders and ritual coordinators. We are a teaching coven, offering entry level Wicca courses for students seeking Dedication into the Craft of the Wise, 1st year studies for students seeking Initiation into our Coven. We are looking for new ways to serve the community and will be expanding our services as our membership grows.



Our collection for the May OFM will be going to a special family of a very special young man: Brendan Sanchez, age 10.  His birthday is June 19.  He loves the outdoors, fishing and camping.  One of his favorite things is Dragonfest.

On January 7, 2006 he and his parents were told .he had bone cancer.  Since then he has gone through scans, MRIs, surgeries and chemo therapy, including a major surgery to amputate and reconstruct/salvage the left leg.  Between then and now, they have been home for about 3 1/2 weeks total.  He is doing well and has just started 6 to 8 post-surgery chemo treatments which last 3 to 5 days in the hospital every time each week.  He has also gotten the flu at least once during this time. 

Brendan is a very fun. open kid.  He’s very kind and loves to talk and share what he has.  The day of his surgery he wrote a note on his leg with a pen to the surgeon: "good bye cancer". His father says “it brung tears to my eyes.” He has a very wonderful team working with him at Childerns Hospital.  He battles nausea and mouth sores due to the chemo treatments along with long hard nights sometimes... He still smiles and tells everyone to have a nice day after they see or speak to them, generally with a smile on his face no matter how slight. He loves video games, music, and movies.

His parents tell me that he set new standards after his surgery.  Four hours out of surgery he was moving his newly placed foot all around and his father could tickle it.  Three days later with his second trip to physical therapy, using the dual bars, he turned and looked at the therapist and said “I would like to use my crutches now.” She said, “Not now.  No one has done that and it is too soon.”  He looked at her and said,  “I want to try.” She finally agreed with both of his parents there  and off he went all over the place!!!!!  His father says he was crying “It was though watching one of my kids walk again for the first time, it was that type of flavor.....

According to Adam, “We have been working on making fun of his new looks.-- all of them to help work with them, for the times other people can not deal with them. ‘Hey look my surgeon is dyslectic,’ ‘my foot is on backwards,’ ‘a shark attacked me,’ .and so on.”

Brendan can explain in great detail what is going on and what has gone on and why to you and has absolutely no trouble doing it. If you ask, be careful, he will tell you the whole factual truth. 

Adam and Judith do not have medical insurance.  In fact, Adam was laid off because of this.  Judith has a full time job plus, being a great wife and taking care of son 24 hours 7 days a week.... Adam has been doing jobs when and where he and took a large cut to get something coming in.  Adam is also one of our community’s tattoo artists.  If you’d like to see some examples of his work, ask me.  I’ve got two tattoos done by him. 

We’d like to give the Sanchez family a hand during this time, so this month’s donations will go to them. 



We appreciate that many of you donate to the church.  With your contributions, we have reached the point where the church is preparing to set policies for assisting those in need.  The more you can spare, the more we can help those who need it.

We aren’t going to start collecting at the door, and no one will be turned away for not having a donation.  However, we would like to suggest a donation of 4 to 7 dollars per person.  (The extra is to cover the pagans that are unable to donate.)  If you can’t afford it, you are still welcome – if you can afford more, we’d be delighted to accept it.

NOTE:  Hearthstone is a church and your donations to Hearthstone are tax deductible. If you would like to write a check so you can keep track of your donations, we can certainly handle that as well.


Thanks and a Tip of the Hat to Lady Judith Brownlee, Les and Alia for Drawing Down at the April Open Full Moon.  Thanks also to everyone who helped with the logistics of the evening – Marian and the entire grounding crew.  We could not have done this incredible feat without your help. 


Alia's Memory Has Been Wiped!

Well, not mine, exactly.  But that of my “second brain,” my Palm.  I had all of this year's ritual officiants saved, but it seems as though someone had asked for a time in 2007, and I have no idea who or when that was.  Please contact me.

I have a replacement Palm picked out -- the poor thing is in pretty rough shape -- but it will have to wait till necessities are covered.


Children’s Hospital Kick-a-Thon

Alyria is once again participating in a Kick-A-Thon for Children's Hospital.  The event will take place Saturday, May 13 at Ultimate Martial Arts, 3401 S. Chambers Road. She again plans to complete 1,000 kicks for charity.  Anyone interested in sponsoring her, please see her or one of her parents at the May OFM.  If you would like to pledge ahead of time, please contact Alia.

Spiral Scouts Circle

Spiral Scouts offers a co-educational scouting experience for individuals of minority faiths. We meet twice a month. Our activities include skills building, scouting and camping. Please feel free to attend a few meetings to find out more about this scouting alternative for boys and girls. For more information about upcoming meetings please contact Kath.

Colorado Pagan Children's Circle

We offer open, fun, participatory rituals designed for children with the participation of children. We include children of all ages and strive to make our holiday celebrations meaningful and enjoyable. Our Circle gathers at noon and Circle is cast at 12:30 PM at Spirit Wise bookstore at 6590 S. Broadway in Centennial. Our schedule for the remainder of 2006 is:

5/21/06 Mother's Day BBQ
6/25/06 Midsummer
7/30/06 Lammas
9/17/06 Mabon
10/29/06 Samhain
11/19/06 Pagan Kids Day Out
12/17/06 Yule

We welcome everyone to join us. We ask that adults please bring wholesome, kid-friendly lunch item to share. We occasionally ask for a small donation to cover craft supplies or other ritual supplies.

However, no families are turned away for lack of funds.

If you would like more information please call Kath. 


(The Spirit Of The Drum)

Drummer Circles to be held every Saturday @ 6:30pm at Confluence Park, by river, below REI. All welcome.

For Information call Baba.


Earth Temple meets at Small Gatherings which is located at 66th and Wadsworth (NE corner) unless otherwise noted. The start time will be Friday at 7:30 pm. The 2006 dates are as follows:

May 26  new moon
Jun 16  Litha
Jun 30  new moon
Jul 28  new moon/Lammas
Aug 25  new moon
Sep 22  new moon/Mabon
Oct 20  new moon
Oct 27  Samhain
Nov 17  new moon
Dec 15  new moon/Yule


If you have something to say, and are willing to let Alia or Catherine edit it slightly, (generally for grammar – Alia has the soul of an English teacher and I want to be one) please feel free to submit your writing to   Content will not be edited.   We can usually make room for more voices


This newsletter is for Hearthstone Community Church, Inc. of Denver, Colorado.  Edited by: Catherine Mock.  Published by:  M. Alia Denny



Please note that information and opinions contained in the articles in this newsletter are the responsibility of the authors only.  No endorsement by Hearthstone Community Church, Inc. is implied. 

All writings are copyright to their respective authors.  Please obtain permission before reprinting anything here with the exception of the Open Full Moon Dates.  Those may be copied and transmitted as needed.


Open Full Moon Dates


May 12
June 9
July 7
August 4
September 1
October 6
November 3
December 1
Since many of us have multiple family and other obligations around Yuletide, we have once again elected to refrain from holding an Open Full Moon at the end of December.

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