It’s October.  Time for reflection on the old year and anticipation of the new year.  Also time to remember those who have moved on to the next life, and to let them go.

--- Catherine


The October OFM is about traveling through the veil when the barrier between the worlds is thinnest. Manea is leading this ritual sharing in her solitary path. Come with an open mind and heart and the harvest of the spirit will be fruitful.


For July:

Manea and Annabel presented a lovely fable about communication within a community.  Thank you ladies for your presentation.

For August:

Alia and I and the rest of the Community greeted the newest and youngest additions to our community: Sydney Rose and Sophie Blue Foureste, and Frankie Joe Rodriguez Scinto, in an extremely light-hearted and musical ritual.  Welcome to our community kids!

For September:

Due to an emergency, our presenter couldn’t be with us, so we held an impromptu “Church Social”, complete with drumming and harping.  All that was missing was the ice cream.  Maybe next time. We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did.        

---- Catherine


We have determined that our break-even point is about $4 per person.

We aren’t going to start collecting at the door, and no one will be turned away for not having a donation.  However, we would like to suggest a donation of 4 to 7 dollars per person.  (The extra is to cover the pagans that are unable to donate.)  If you can’t afford it, you are still welcome – if you can afford more, we’d be delighted to accept it.

NOTE:  Hearthstone is a church and your donations to Hearthstone are tax deductible.  If you would like to write a check so you can keep track of your donations, we can certainly handle that as well.


The Food Bank has been well taken care of lately.  We do not need anything at this time.  Thank you to all who have helped with their contributions.


Caretaker of the Food Bank


If you have something to say, and are willing to let Alia or Catherine edit it slightly, (generally for grammar – Alia has the soul of an English teacher and I want to be one) please feel free to submit your writing.   Content will not be edited.   We can usually make room for more voices.


Please note that information and opinions contained in the articles in this newsletter are the responsibility of the authors only.  No endorsement by Hearthstone Community Church, Inc. is implied.

All writings are copyright to their respective authors.  Please obtain permission before reprinting anything here with the exception of the Open Full Moon Dates.  Those may be copied and transmitted as needed.

Don't forget the Witches' Ball!

The Twelfth Annual Samhain   WITCHES' BALL
(and free midnight Samhain Ritual)
Saturday, October 25th, 2003
Highlands Masonic Center
3550 Federal Boulevard Denver , CO
(at 35th and Federal - South Entrance)
7 pm until midnight

$10.00 per adult & $5.00 Ages 6 to12

Wear your finest costumery! (Costumes Optional)

Open Full Moon Dates


October 10
November 7
December 5

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