Open Full Moon for August

Well, the OFM was postponed a week due to Dragonfest.  And now, there is no newsletter due to Dragonfest.  Anyone surprised by this turn of events, please let me know.  <evil grin>

We meet on a Friday, usually the Friday before the actual full moon (or on the full moon if it falls on a Friday) at the Unitarian Church at 14th and Lafayette in Denver.  The church doors open at 7:00 and the ritual begins at 7:30.  We make every effort to avoid Pagan Standard Time.

Join us this month as Alia and Catherine officiate at the introduction of several babies to the Gods, the elements, and the members of the community present.  The current babies to be introduced are Sophie and Sydney Foureste (mother Aylah) and Frankie Joe Rodriguez Scinto (mother Maria).  Anyone with a child less than a year old is welcome to add their baby to the ritual, and the entire ritual will be quite family friendly.  As an added note, both of these moms are single mothers, so the fathers are not named.  Babies with any assortment of involved parents are welcome.  So round up the kids and join us!


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