Catherine here. Sorry we didnít manage to get a newsletter out last month.† Time got away from me Ė and I havenít managed to find it yet!

So, how did we go from spring to summer so quickly?† Last time I looked, it was the beginning of June, and suddenly itís the 4th of July.† I hope everyone had a safe holiday.† My lesson for the summer appears to be how to practice patience Ė with my family, with my car, even with the insurance company for the fellow that hit my car.† There was some damage to my car, but I wasnít particularly hurt, so things even out.† Usually practicing patience makes the time go longer, but this summer is flying by.† Maybe Iím getting older?†

Anyway, I donít want to get preachy or maudlin, so everyone have a great rest of the month.†



The July OFM will be presented by Annabel and Manea. They frequently draw their power from storytelling and this ritual will strongly reflect that. The focus will be on communication within the community, however the lessons learned should not be solely reserved for pagans. This is a family-friendly ritual. The ladies are very excited about sharing their lessons with the community and look forward to seeing all of you there.


For June:

Thanks and a Tip of The Hat to Damien and Tara and DragonsTide (the Fletchers) for our June Open Full Moon on the theme "How a Witch is Made."† The message was that a witch is not made by books, or clothes, or spells, or rituals or a proclamation.† Rather, many elements including study, practice, learning, mentors, and time are blended together in the cauldron of knowledge and experience.† Thank you, DragonsTide!

Parents, please note:† Your children are welcome at all Hearthstone Open Full Moon rituals, unless the newsletter specifically states that a particular ritual is not suitable for little ones.† Hearthstone strives to be kid-friendly.† Our children are our future!



We have determined that our break-even point is about $4 per person.

We arenít going to start collecting at the door, and no one will be turned away for not having a donation.† However, we would like to suggest a donation of 4 to 7 dollars per person. †(The extra is to cover the pagans that are unable to donate.)† If you canít afford it, you are still welcome Ė if you can afford more, weíd be delighted to accept it.

NOTE:† Hearthstone is a church and your donations to Hearthstone are tax deductible.† If you would like to write a check so you can keep track of your donations, we can certainly handle that as well.


Thank you to everyone who has helped the Food Bank stay in business.  We do have a few areas that need some replenishing.  Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give.  Remember, if you do not want to do the shopping, you may donate cash at the front counter at Wings (44th and Lowell in West Denver).  The donated money will be used to buy items that are needed.

These are the items/areas we need:

Items not really needed:

Again, thank you for any help that you supply to keep the Food Bank up and running.


Caretaker of the Food Bank


If you have something to say, and are willing to let Alia or Catherine edit it slightly, (generally for grammar Ė Alia has the soul of an English teacher and I want to be one) please feel free to submit your writing.†† Content will not be edited.†† We can usually make room for more voices.


Please note that information and opinions contained in the articles in this newsletter are the responsibility of the authors only.† No endorsement by Hearthstone Community Church, Inc. is implied.†

All writings are copyright to their respective authors.† Please obtain permission before reprinting anything here with the exception of the Open Full Moon Dates.† Those may be copied and transmitted as needed.

Open Full Moon Dates


July 11
August 15 (changed from the 8th)
September 5
October 10
November 7
December 5

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