How Time Flies...

...When you're busy with other things.

Yes, there is an OFM tomorrow.

My apologies for not getting the newsletter out. Please pass the word to those without email.

The BPA Drum Circle is pleased & proud to officiate this month's Open Full Moon. The BPA is the direct, lineal & fully authorized descendent of the Boulder Pagan Alliance Drum Circle, founded by Warren & Morgan of Morningstar Coven. Notorious (and justly so) for the fierce fire drum circles at The Ranch outside Louisville, the BPA has since undergone several profound mutations. As the Beatum Paganum Arcanum, the circle has delved the Sacred Mysteries of Dionysus. Incarnated as the Breton Percussion Arkestra, the BPA has performed the controversial "One-Thirty-Five." Tonight, we bring an altar of movement & music to celebrate a Moon balanced on the cusp of Spring, poised between Light & Dark.

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