The Wheel turns.  We are now heading into the dark time of the year, and this year we have national losses to mourn as well as personal losses.  Apologies for the missing newsletter in September; between the shock I felt at the attacks and printer problems, I couldn’t print a newsletter till Thursday afternoon.  I decided at that point that it was futile.

There are a couple of important items further on in this newsletter – please read them.  We have lost a member of the community, and another one needs our help.

We have the OFM 2002 dates!  They are at the end of the newsletter.  Most of the year is still available if you wish to officiate at an OFM; we have January and February committed but no officiants after that.  Please contact Southwynde, Catherine, or me if you would like to present a ritual to the group.

Blessed Be!



The October Open Full Moon will be on Friday, October 26, 2001, at 7:30 PM, at the First Unitarian Church, 1400 Lafayette, Denver, CO.  The doors of the church open at 7:00.  We like to begin at 7:30.

Oak Haven and friends will be presenting the October OFM. This ritual of remembrance was written before the tragic and frightening events of September 11, but some modifications have been made in light of current circumstances. This ritual will be of a somber tone. It is probably not be appropriate for young children, especially those who are having trouble dealing with the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon. We hope you'll join us for this Samhain event.

—Hawk Shadow

For the next several months, we will be sharing the church with the CUUPs drumming circle.  We will occupy the community room, and the drummers will occupy the sanctuary.  We are welcome to join the drumming after the ritual.  Joan informs me that they usually drum until 9:30 or 10, but if there is interest, they can stay later.


For late August:

The Open Full Moon gathering August 31st was a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the founding of Hearthstone Community Church.  Several of the leaders from the formation of the church, Alia, Gypsy, and Rex, told of early Open Full Moons in the Denver area, when circles were held at Washington Park and Metamorphosis Books.  They told of the eventual formation of Hearthstone in order to continue these open community circles.

Reminisces were shared of past rituals, and we discussed the character and strength of the Hearthstone community.  Hearthstone has always been notable for the diversity of officiants and participants.  All seekers are welcome, whether they come only once or continue to come for years.

The community present shared a great appreciation of Hearthstone's acceptance of all traditions, solitaries, guests and families, and people of all ages, races and sexual persuasions.  Hearthstone rituals always include everyone, and we celebrate in an atmosphere of tolerance, reverence and humor.

“Hearthstone is like a box of chocolates,” Joe said.  “You never know what the ritual will be like or who will be there, but you can count on spending an evening with good and interesting people who worship the old gods and the earth, and you come away with something good.”

Hearthstone, may you live long and prosper.

With blessings and love, Arynne.

For September:

Thanks and a Tip of the Hat to Rocky Mountain CUUPs for hosting Hearthstone's Open Full Moon in September.  The circle was cast in Taoist tradition with Air, Water, Fire, Wood and Metal.  Next -- I can't say the drumming "started" – rather, the room exploded with powerful rhythms.  Drumming and dancing continued with wonderful strength and presence.  Thank you, CUUPs, for sharing the cleansing and power-raising magic of the drum!



This month’s donations will have a special purpose.  Ken Cannon tells us about this purpose:

Many folks in our community either know or know of Hal Mansfield.  He's the Christian fellow who works on cult education, and who has defended pagans in speeches, interviews, and writings over a period of several years.  I was contacted a couple of weeks ago on his behalf.

It seems that he is in dire straits financially, not to mention health-wise.  He has cancer but no health insurance, his computer business is doing poorly, and he's so broke he can't pay his phone bill.  For some time, he has been paying out of pocket $2700/month medical bills, including chemotherapy.  He has quit treatment at this point to avoid the costs, though his cancer is not under control.

If you can spare a bit of money, please bring it to the OFM this Friday night.  I will see that it gets to him.  I also expect to have contact information for any who are interested in helping in the coming weeks and months.

Thanks, Ken Cannon.

Alia here -- Instead of collecting to pay the rent this month, we will pass the cauldron for Hal.  Hal has been a good friend to the pagan community for many years.  So instead of asking for a minimum donation this month, I’ll ask that each of you give as much as you can afford to give.  Let’s do what we can to make Hal’s life a little easier.  We are also considering a fundraiser for Hal in the next month or two.  Stay tuned.


There is so much stress, fear, and worry among my family and friends right now, it’s hard to think of food. I think we could all stand to take a moment, take a deep breath, and fall back onto our favorite comfort foods.

My favorite comfort foods are bagels with cream cheese and grilled cheese on sourdough. The rest of my family has similar tastes in times of stress, ranging from canned chicken and dumplings to tuna salad on toast. (You have my permission to shudder...) Other friends prefer a mayonnaise based pasta salad, hard-boiled eggs, or pecan pie. One friend craves mushroom soup.

When I first decided to give mushrooms a chance (having detested them for years) I discovered that what I disliked were little canned button mushrooms like those that appear in cheaply made frozen pizzas or unpleasant frozen stroganoff pouches. Once I realized that mushrooms are not slimey, grey, and spongey, I took to them happily and have been making up for lost time. So when this same friend told me about a restaurant in Portland that specializes in a marvelous Hungarian Mushroom Soup, I had to try it for myself.

This is my friend’s comfort food. It’s not the red and white labeled can that schoolchildren are sometimes forced to eat. This is a creamy, flavorful, rich and comforting meal. Add a grilled cheese on sourdough and I’m as happy as can be.

The restaurant, Old Wives’ Tales, was featured on a segment of “The Best of” on FoodTV. They spotlighted the other wonderful thing about the restaurant: the kids’ playroom. The following recipe, “harvested” from, makes 16 to 20 servings, but only if this is used as the soup course of a multi-course meal. When it’s the only item on the menu (as it was when I made it) it serves 6 with some left over. A nice rustic, crusty bread goes well with it. (Warning! This is NOT a low fat soup. Don’t even think about trying to make it low fat. It can be done but the sacrifice in flavor isn’t justifiable.)

Hungarian Mushroom Soup

Recipe courtesy Old Wives Tale, Portland

Melt butter. Add onions, and saute until wilted. Add mushrooms, saute until juice is rendered out. Add dill, paprika, and mix well. Add tamari, water, bring to a boil and reduce to a simmer.

In a large stockpot, make roux using butter and flour, cook 10 minutes. Drain some water from soup and beat into roux in stockpot until smooth. IMPORTANT- you will get flour lumps if you try to skip this step!

Add water-smoothed roux to kettle. Add milk and simmer until it thickens again, coating back of spoon. Turn off heat, beat in sour cream until well blended, then beat in salt and pepper.

Yield: 16 to 20 servings


Beautiful Ones,

It is with much love and a heavy heart, that I announce that "Blacklion"(Lyon Kenneth McBaine), did pass from this incarnation the 10th Day of October, 2001.  He passed of organ failure after complications due to a rare form of cancer.  Family, friends, and most of the members of The Coven of Talon and Claw surrounded him as he passed.  He was anointed and read the Charge of the of his favorite pieces of Pagan liturgy.  He is survived by his wife, Lady Flame (Michelle McBaine), his mother, father, siblings, his coven and many friends.

As he journeyed forth from this life, the room was not only filled with sorrow, but much love for this man.  A man who will never be forgotten.  He captured us with his smile, his quick wit, his sharp tongue, his courage and his overwhelming love for the Goddess.  He was quite a Lion!  He imparted to some of us his knowledge and his life’s experiences; stories that made us laugh and made us think.  He was a very intelligent man, who always had an opinion, and was never afraid to share it...his strength inspired many and his memory and love will live on in our hearts forever...his fiery spirit is eternal and shall rest with the Goddess in the land of eternal Summer, until he chooses his next incarnation...may his journey to the Summerland, through Cerridwen's cauldron, be a peaceful one, may his time there give him a much deserved rest, and may he bless us with his presence again when he journeys forward into his next journey of life.

We were to do his saging when he got well enough, and as the Goddess hurried him into Her arms, we did not get the time to do his ceremony.  So, on the 11th day of October of 2001, as he has truly faced many challenges with wisdom and courage, and as he has bathed in the waters of the cauldron of change, and as I, his minister and friend do hereby announce, along with his memory of being a son, a grandson, a brother, a husband, a friend and High Priest...he will also now, be remembered as Sage, a wise man of the Goddess and of the Pagan Community.  This I do, decree on that day, and in the witness of all who now read this.  So Mote It Be!

He was cremated, as per his wishes, October 10th at 5pm.  His parents will take part of his ashes back to Colorado for a Catholic service and to be scattered on the Mountains.  Part of them will remain with his wife, until next years Dragon Fest where they will be scattered there.  Part of them will remain here.

I would personally like to thank each one of you who lit candles and sent energy to him and his family during his long struggle, and also all those who were able to visit him in the hospital and also those who assisted his wife and family during his final hours in this life.  I would like to thank some of them personally, forgive me if I forget anyone. <ed: Many of these names are folk in Tennessee where Ken and Flame were living.>  Cedarwoman (Teresa) and Anja, Sares Sunrise (David, and sage), Starfire (Shari) and Diedre, Ryan, Swoop (Josh) and his wife, Amy, Rhiannon and Loki (Nancy and Al), Larry, DragonFly (Shay), Jynx (Jiffer), my husband Chad and son Garrison, Raven Nighthawk and Firesong (Betty Jo and Eva), Cynthia and Joe (Flames parents), Tracy (Flames sister) and her husband, and any other of the surrounding communities who remembered him in their prayers and meditations.  His wife and parents really knew how loved he was...I think it helped them a great deal to know he was cared for while he lived here.

Blessed be, Lyon!

With much love and light to you all,

Tzaddia Morningstar )0(


Night blind elder Wiccan living in SW Denver needs a dependable ride for the OFMs.  Will contribute toward gas money.  Lives near Hampden and Sheridan.  Contact Virginia.

The Tenth Annual

Samhain Witches Ball

(and free midnight Samhain Ritual)

October 27th, 2001
Highlands Masonic Center
3550 Federal Boulevard, Denver
(at 35th and Federal – south entrance)

7pm until midnight

$8.00 per adult & 4.00 under 12
Wear your finest costumery!

Live Music & Dancing
Psychic Readings
Aura Photography
Merchants & Artists
Costume Contest at 9pm
Dinner & Refreshment Sales
Ecstatic Drumming
Volunteers Needed – Free Admission to Volunteers

Presented by Living Goddess Productions.


If you have something to say, and are willing to let Alia edit it slightly, (generally for grammar – I have the soul of an English teacher) please feel free to submit your writing.   Content will not be edited.   We can usually make room for more voices.


Please note that information and opinions contained in the articles in this newsletter are the responsibility of the authors only.  No endorsement by Hearthstone Community Church, Inc.  is implied. 

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