Newsletter for January, 1998 ce


The newsletter has once again taken on a less professional look. Stormrider, our publisher in the past, is no longer working on the newsletter, and so it's just gypsy and me for this one. The next one will be mostly me, because gypsy is moving to Oregon. (Stormrider is already there.) We've been working on the church together for so long, it's going to feel like I'm missing an arm to function without her.

However, life goes on, and so does Hearthstone. I will be looking for volunteers to help out with things, and once the board has met and made some decisions, we may be asking for applications for more "official" assistance. Keep an eye on the newsletter; we'll be publishing any request or changes here.

gypsy is leaving later this month. She promises to be back for Dragonfest, but I don't expect to see her back before then. If you want to say goodbye, this month's Open Full Moon is probably your best bet. I hope to see you there.

I still would like submissions, guest columns, art, or whatever to add to the newsletter. The usual editorial prerogative holds, of course.



Our thanks to Vanaheim Hof, who presented a polished ritual in their Old Norse tradition. Alia learned to pronounce several Old Norse names, and the ritual was enlightening and educational.


The January Open Full Moon will be on Friday, January 9, 1998, at 7:30 PM, at the First Unitarian Church, 1400 Lafayette, Denver, CO.

Coven of the Wild Wood will present a full moon ritual in their homegrown tradition. There will be a meditation, and you are welcome to bring pillows to sit on. Musical instruments are also welcome. (Parents, please consider your children's ability or inability to sit quietly during a fifteen to twenty minute mediation.) No one will be admitted once the ritual has begun. Coven of the Wild Wood intends for the ritual to begin on time, with announcements at 7:30. Please arrive on time.


* Following our usual schedule, December 25 would be the next OFM. However, we know from experience that a great many pagans still have late-December obligations of one sort or another, so we've elected to skip the Open Full Moon for December.

Standard Disclaimer:
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