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Board of Directors of Hearthstone Community Church Inc.

Alia, Founder and Past President of the Board
~ 1959-2017 Rest in Peace ~

Alia's organizational skills, energy, dedication, and vision carried Hearthstone forward from 1991 to 2017. Alia formalized Hearthstone Community Church, Inc. in August 1991 and began the monthly newsletter. She was steadfastly committed to serving the Hearthstone community, which was especially remarkable in earlier years when she was working full-time, getting a Masters degree, and raising her daughter - all at once, of course. Once she retired due to disability, Alia spent some of her time and energy providing clergy services to the Wiccan/Pagan community. Alia celebrated all the years that Hearthstone has offered a welcoming entrance to the community for folks new to the community. She always felt honored to be part of this church. Her vision of inclusion and her example of service, respect, and compassion inspired many over the years. The Hearthstone community is committed to honoring Alia through our continued commitment to her values and vision for Hearthstone. For more tributes to Alia and her Hearthstone legacy, please read Hearthstone's June 2017 Newsletter.

Catherine, President
Catherine joined the Board in 1998 as Secretary and newsletter editor, became Vice President in 2012, and President in 2017. She has continued her support of Hearthstone, and crafting Hearthstone's monthly newsletter, for nearly two decades while working full-time and attaining a Masters degree. Catherine studied Wicca for many years, and loves both reading and music. Many summer weekends she entertained with her harp at the Colorado Renaissance Festival. Any ritual she offers is sure to include music. She sings with Orpheus Pagan Chamber Choir.

Arynne, Vice President and Treasurer
Arynne joined the Hearthstone Board in 1998 as Treasurer, and added additional responsibilities in 2017 upon the passing of our beloved Alia. She believes Hearthstone's Open Full Moons serve as an important welcoming portal into our wonderful and diverse community. Arynne's coven, Elvenhome, has been an enriching and integral component of her life since 1981. Her studies have included Wicca, shamanism, Qabala, metaphysics, magick, healing, and related subjects. She volunteers also through the Women's Spiritual Leadership Alliance (WSLA) community service projects, through Alexandria Temple of Universal Metaphysics (ATUM) prison ministry, and in animal welfare and rescue.

Amy, Social Coordinator
Amy joined Hearthstone's Board in 2012. She and her children have attended Open Full Moons for many years since her children were little, toddling around the room. Now two are teenagers! She appreciates that Hearthstone has always been family-friendly. Over the years Amy volunteered in our broader community co-leading children's rituals and learning activities, ensuring that our community's children have opportunities to meet other children with whom to share nature spirituality. Amy also led a number of rites of passage for our children. Hearthstone is happy to have Amy's energy and ideas helping to lead Hearthstone into the future.

Vella Rose, Member At Large
Vella Rose joined Hearthstone's Board in 2020. Vella started attending Hearthstone Open Full Moon rituals in late 2000. Since then she has presented many rituals at OFM and other places. Vella believes strongly in community, and uses song in her rituals and workshops as a way to strengthen ties, because when we are singing together, we are breathing together. Vella follows an eclectic Wiccan path. In addition to Wicca, she has studied and experienced many Earth-based traditions including Celtic Reconstruction, Core shamanism, Reclaiming, Anderson Feri, Orion Foxwood Faery, and Druidism. She has studied and uses different modalities of Healing practices including Celtic herbal medicine, Reiki, and Sound healing using both voice and Tibetan singing bowls. In her mundane life she teaches Geology and Environmental Science at local community colleges.

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History of Hearthstone Open Full Moons

-- M. Alia Denny
Written Aug. 2011

It's hard to believe, but Hearthstone Community Church, Inc. turns 20 years old in August 2011. I was a young (OK, 30) single witch when I started on all of this with Gypsy; she now lives in Portland. I've been married 19 and a half years, and have a very independent minded 17 year old daughter. I get called an "elder" now, and people seem to think that my opinion counts for something. It's been a very interesting trip.

The Open Full Moons were started by Morgan Stott and Bried Foxsong about 23 years ago. They drafted various Priests and Priestesses to perform the ritual, which at that time had a script. (If anyone has a copy of that script, I would love to have it for our archives.) When they became busy with other things, they passed it on to Gypsy and Dove, who started sending out postcards drawn by Dove to remind people of the ritual. At that time we met "informally" at Washington Park in Denver. Eventually Dove moved on to other things, and I started helping Gypsy with the mailings. I (gasp) computerized the mailing list, and printed it off on a dot matrix printer attached to my Apple //gs. Gypsy and I began to encourage officiates to present their own tradition rather than reading from the same script every month.

In August of 1991, we had an "informal gathering" of over 100 people for an Open Full Moon. Gypsy and I felt perhaps it was time for a more formal structure, and we incorporated into Hearthstone Community Church, Inc. that month. The original board members were Gypsy, Southwynde, and me. We discovered that to meet at the park legally it was $125 for the park rent, and about $400 for site insurance per site rental. We couldn't afford that. Someone suggested the Unitarian Church on Capital Hill, and we have been there since.

We started a newsletter then too, and it has been going on fairly consistently since then. We gradually moved more and more to an electronic format, and last year completed the move. I still mail the newsletter sometimes to an expatriate in Kansas; everyone else reads it on line, which is more efficient, ecologically sound, and saves money as well. E-mail, after all, uses 100% recycled pixels, right, Catherine?

Priestesses and Priests now schedule when they will be presenting rituals a year ahead of time. This year we managed to have a different group present every month of the year, a trend I hope to continue in the future.

Please join us on August 12 to celebrate 20 years of Hearthstone being an entrance to the community for folks new to the community; and a haven for some people for as long as 20 years! I'm honored to be a part of the church for so long. We will be having cake and goodies for a small celebration after the ritual.

August 2011

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